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Common Geyser Problems in India 2021

A geyser is an appliance which is needed in most of our homes and offices since it fulfils the purpose of providing us with warm water in kitchens and bathrooms. Hot water geyser or simply geyser is highly useful and often a necessity, both in hot and cold countries. However there are some problems that may come up in geysers and may need resolution as fast as possible so that you can enjoy uninterrupted usage or function. This article will talk about the most common geyser problems along with their appropriate solutions:

1. A dripping geyser

One of the most common geyser problems include a dripping geyser.  It is a fact that geysers often drip or leak water through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. A little bit of dripping is normal but if it is more than just a few liters then this can be an indication of a faulty control valve.  Get this valve checked and get it replaced if there is no chance of repairs.

2. Overheating geyser

Another one of the most common geyser problems is an overheating geyser.  Sometimes the geyser may not close or go off even in the ‘off’ position and this can lead to not just overheating of water but also exploding of the geyser.  You can notice this if there is steam coming out of the geyser along with hot water.  This basically means that pressure valve and temperature is releasing hot water since the temperature and pressure both are building up. This can be an indication of a faulty thermostat.  In this case, switch the geyser off and call Home Appliance Care.

3. Water not hot enough or no hot water at all

Another common geyser problem is when the water obtained from the geyser is not hot enough or not hot at all.  If there is no hot water at all then in that case you must check the geyser circuit breaker on the main distribution and see whether it is tripped or not.  You must reset the circuit breaker once or twice. If it continues to trip then you may need to call Home Appliance Care.  If the problem is not with the power supply then the heating element or the thermostat may be faulty.  Then you may need to replace it.

4. Water leaking through the ceiling

If the water is leaking through the ceiling then this may indicate that either the geyser has burst or a major leak may have developed.  In some cases this could also be due to the drip tray and overflow system may not be coping.  In this case switch off the power supply as well as the cold water supply to the geyser.  Call Home Appliance Care for getting the problem resolved.

Now that you know the most common geyser problems and their solutions, you can find a cure to the issue yourself. If your geyser does not heat water or is facing some other problems, then you can call Home Appliance Care.

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