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Home Appliances Repair

home appliances repair

     We believe that every one deserve to have a great and affordable service. Without wasting your precious time and without getting cheated by fraudsters in the market.Home Appliances are the important part of our life and that too in this busy world we can’t imagine our life without appliances as they reduce lot of our work and saves energy and time.

   Home Appliances needed to be taken care daily with servicing and proper usage and its very painful when your appliances stop working or malfunctioning for some reason and then when the fraudsters come into play they use your broken appliances as there money making machine and charge you heavy bills and even the part they use to fix your appliance were not original company parts sometime and they even waste lot of your precious time by promising you to come on time but they won’t. They simply delay your service to create their demand and increase their profits.

    To solve this major problem in the society we created a portal which helps you to book all your home appliances repair at one place and with transparent prices.


Our Vision

          In Home Appliance Care   Our goal is to provide you a peace of mind by solving your home appliances issues that you face on daily basis as soon as possible and as cheaper as possible so that you can concentrate on your important things in life.

So leave the tension of fixing your appliance to us because we care in Home Appliances Repair.