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How To Take Care of Your AC in This Monsoon Season

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India is one of the blessed countries on the globe as it is blessed with four beautiful seasons, including monsoons. It is one of the most calming seasons of this place, as it provides respite from the summertime heat, and people spend most of the time in the family on this season’s beauty. In addition to loving the climate, we all need to be very careful with your air conditioner maintenance during this season and pay attention to its proficiency. Slight care and repairs will help your AC work better and make your rainy season more relaxed. Monsoons bring heavy rain, hail, and dust with high humidity, making the situation challenging for air conditioning systems as many hassles maybe appear.

Problems such as strange noise, abnormal smells, water, and AC gas leakage indicate the need for tune-ups. During monsoon season, you may experience rain, wind, thunder, and lightning will make the weather cooler. Heavy rain can come with summer storms; the associated water, wind, and dust can create a disaster on the air conditioner system. If you are lack knowledge of how to care for your air conditioner during monsoon seasons, then consult Home Appliance Care to know all about the same. A person can follow a few proactive steps in case of an air conditioner that can go a long way towards ensuring your system when the monsoon hits.

Paybacks Of Air Conditioner Protective Management

The air conditioner is a daily use machine that requires preventive maintenance at regular intervals, which helps to increase comfort and prolong the life of the air conditioner. In addition to caring for the machine from monsoon wear and tear, preemptive maintenance of the AC before the monsoon increases air quality. It helps the air conditioner perform better, thereby dipping the performance of the air conditioning system. So, one can say that regular maintenance is the only way to recover the lost potency of the air conditioner during the monsoon. Few issues can appear during monsoon season as water leakage, drainage blockage, and unpleasant sound due to congestion in the filter. Filter congestion is the result of wind that carries dust and other particles with it.

Following Methods Are Required To Increase The Efficiency Of Air Conditioners During The Monsoon

  • Try to use dry mode during monsoon and other humid conditions because of the outer humidity
  • Keep the environments of the outdoor unit spotless and do not gather any dirt on it, once the dirt has accumulated in large amount will take more time in cleaning. Polluted environments during the rainy season attract most of the common insects. So, keep the surroundings needs to be kept clean for better care
  • Need to clean the filters regularly for the best performance and to decrease the overall power consumption. Dirty filters cause compression in the indoor AC system, giving the growth of molds, bacteria, and fungi
  • Never leave the air conditioner unit open with windows or outside doors
  • Try to keep your air conditioner between 24-26 degrees Celsius for optimum cooling and energy saving
  • Uses season-wise modes like Cool, Heat, Dry, humid for optimal production of the indoor unit

Search For Updated Air Conditioner Units

You can also use a ceiling fan with an air conditioner that can be used to push the hot air down, making the indoor area less stressed and more comfortable to cool. One can also use an anti-rust coating on the external unit in the windows air conditioner or find rust-resistant outdoor cabinets. In this way, a dual barrier coating avoids dust and greasy dust from entering the air conditioner or accumulating on the surface. Anti-bacterial or anti-microbial filters are also introduced to tackle the monsoon weather. High-density filter are also there in the market that captures small dirt that helps maintain clean air in the room or given area.

Constant updating air conditioner system can able to make air conditioner rougher and tuff and makes it all-weather air conditioner units. Do a little homework before purchasing an air conditioner unit because an old air conditioner can surge your headache in monsoon. The auto-sensing air conditioner unit can be a better choice for monsoon seasons because of its rough weather in all over India. There are few brands that are also there and making a self-cleaning air conditioner system to avoid manual cleaning.

  1. Windstorm force winds are so prevailing during monsoon storms as tree branches can easily break and hit your outer air conditioning unit and damage it severely. So, before the monsoon begins, remove all dead branches and leaves to avoid breakage or sudden breakdown of your air conditioner during high winds.
  2. Never miss covering the air conditioner in off-seasons because unwanted dust can also clog your air conditioning system drain lines. If much water is clogged in your drain line, it’s likely to cause water leakage. You can either unblock a line using a vacuum cleaner or call an expert air conditioner professional from AC care India.
  3. Choose AC AMC to schedule on-time service because if your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in a while, then several problems can be raised as it can be assessed for proficiency.
  4. By taking a few initial steps to ensure your air conditioner is safe and proper working condition, you can have a monsoon free from entire air conditioner problems.
  5. Call AC care India to get continuous AC service during monsoon season and all over the rest of the year. So, no need to find any other service center for variable air conditioner repair needs, including all spares, find AC service center near your area.

The air conditioner is an expensive appliance, so we all need to care about it well time-to-time. If you miss the regular tune-up and cleaning of the air conditioner before monsoon, then you have to ready for any unnecessary hassles or even sudden breakdown of the air conditioner. You can also get assistance for multiple air conditioner related works at such an affordable cost. 

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